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Hier werden Ihnen die Details der WG in Berlin angezeigt:

Ort:12359 Berlin
Straße/Hausnr.: Hermannstrasse
(im Stadtplan anzeigen - hier klicken)
Fläche:10 m2
Kaltmiete:€ 200,–
Nebenkosten:€ 5,–
Frei ab:10/2017
Eintrag vom:30.07.17
  • Provisionsfrei
  • Einbauküche
  • möbliert

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    Community in Berlin organized around a “Game of Harmony” allowing you to be hosted with food and accommodation for a very cheap price, and even for free, proportionally to your commitment in the Game. Each hour of game is paid 10 euros. With 15 hours your next week is completely free of charge, with 5 hours it will cost you only 100 euros (food and accommodation) and so on. No activity at all, 150 euros. Therefore, through this game it is possible to stay with us for months without paying at all, except for the first week for which we ask you a participation of 200 euros.. ++++++ Instead of imposing many rules we organize the “Game of Harmony”. It is not a religion, neither a particular spirituality, or belief of any kind. The core of the game is based on audio conferences (listening, giving feedback…) about neurosciences, psychology, philosophy, the art of understanding each other and being interested in each other… (If you are interested, feel welcome to ask for the full text)


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